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Dentaurum’s answer to Zirconia blanks  

ceraMotion® Z has been refined by the relentless pursuit of technical perfection that Labs expect of Dentaurum.  


Leading dental technicians in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide repeatedly tell us that every Dentaurum material delivers unmatched standards of quality, reliability and consistency – across batches and years. 



The material consistency enhances workflow reliability and efficiency across milling and sintering. It’s a level of dependability that adds to the quality and efficiency of your best work. 


Beautiful natural aesthetics 

The spectacularly natural aesthetic qualities of ceraMotion® Z stem from decades of Dentaurum colour research. Translucency is controlled and predictable. Plus, the colour gradations of ceraMotion® Z Hybrid provide a further element of aesthetic perfection. 


Durability and safety 

ceraMotion® Z delivers up to 1,200 Mpa biaxial strength for high performance, durability and safety. 


Smarter Zirconia, Smarter business 

Every detail of ceraMotion® Z  adds to better business for labs using Zirconia for natural ceramic restorations. 

Achieving consistent results of the highest quality results in happy clinicians and patients. The unmatched operational efficiency adds financial value that far surpasses input cost. 


Dr. Francois Lelievre

PhD. Material Science
President Dentaurum Ceramics

Make ceraMotion® Z your compelling business proposition 

We’ll soon share details of the ceraMotion® Z event.
It’s where you’ll discover the extra steps we’re taking to help you upgrade
to ceraMotion® Z.